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#679 – Touch Down Fever

                                                                                                                                                      Bob Ross-endorsed cover.                                                                                                                                                             Pac-Man guest stars.   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: SNK DEVELOPER: SNK GENRE: Sports RELEASE DATE: February 1991   Are there any football titles on the NES besides Tecmo Bowl and Tecmo Super Bowl? Of course, other 8-bit football titles do physically exist, but why bother … Continue reading #679 – Touch Down Fever

#646 – Tecmo Super Bowl

                                                                                                                Can I get to the Super Bowl? Sure, why not.                                                                                                                                                   Still better than Madden.   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Tecmo DEVELOPER: Tecmo GENRE: Sports RELEASE DATE: December 1991   Tecmo Super Bowl is Tecmo Bowl on athlete-endorsed steroids. Everything you appreciated about the original – tight controls, infinite replayability, outlandish … Continue reading #646 – Tecmo Super Bowl

#642 – Tecmo Bowl

                                                                                                  We can’t all be winners. But I’m pretty sure this guy is.                                                                                                                                                Perhaps today is my birthday.   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Tecmo DEVELOPER: Tecmo GENRE: Sports RELEASE DATE: February 1989   Tecmo Bowl is the quintessential NES football game for casuals and die-hards alike. If you’re a pro amateur … Continue reading #642 – Tecmo Bowl

#442 – NFL Football

                                                                                        That is one blurry pseudo-painting there. Also, FOOTBALL!                                                                                                             AND I DON’T WANT TO MISS A THA-A-ANG!   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: LJN DEVELOPER: Atlus GENRE: Sports RELEASE DATE: September 1989   I have some readers out there who are sports fans, so let me just say, I’m sorry. While I … Continue reading #442 – NFL Football

#441 – NES Play Action Football

                                                                                                         Stars and stripes forever, hopefully not forever.                                                                                                                                           The Power Bowl, brought to you by High Society.   PLAYERS: 1-4 simultaneous (Multitap time!) PUBLISHER: Nintendo DEVELOPER: TOSE GENRE: Sports RELEASE DATE: September 1990   It’s probably wrong for a non-football fan to review a football game, but despite what my … Continue reading #441 – NES Play Action Football

#156 – Cyber Ball

            Soltar is at the 50 yard line, Cromtor’s coming like a freight train. Who’s going to keep that hot potato?!                                                                                                                 Cyber Dump PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Jaleco DEVELOPER: Tengen GENRE: Sports RELEASE DATE: 1992   If there’s any sport in this world that confuses me regarding its appeal, curling would … Continue reading #156 – Cyber Ball