The idea to review every NES game came to Dylan in the summer of 2010. “750+ games, huh? Sounds like a lark!” he exclaimed aloud to no one. “If I do one a day, I’ll be done in a couple years!”

Dylan’s clueless overconfidence proved effective in the beginning stages of the quest. Reading his early reviews is like listening to a crazy uncle: messy and long-winded, if enjoyably unpredictable. But like any insane project one assigns one’s self without counting the costs, Dylan grew weary of reviewing NES games in his rambling, anything-goes style.

Several week-to-month long breaks later, Dylan began to pace himself, value clarity and brevity over length, and above all, skip a day if need be. By sticking to these principles, Dylan’s passion for the quest remained steadfast and true.

In March 2014, Dylan completed his Quest to Review Every NES Game. He’s currently working on Sega Does, a site that seeks to chronicle every game ever released on a Sega console.

In November 2022, Dylan re-launched The Quest to Review Every NES Game with a new look and updated screen shot captions. The site has never looked cleaner.

Want to learn Dylan’s review process? READ THIS!

Want to know in detail why Dylan typically writes shorter reviews? Sure you do. READ THIS!

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18 replies on “About”

These reviews desperately need. Ratings 0-10. How can I look at this site and quickly figure out out which game you thought was the best. Or how they stack up to one another like megaman 7.8 and metroid 8.2 or however you think they deserve. Reviews are not as good as number scales and you can have different categories. Graphics, fun factor. And it&#039s best to be able to to rearrange them by greatness or by release year no stuff like that. I play them by year year so they get slightly better as I

Recently i bought a nintendo and i don&#039t have much games yet. Every day I read two or three reviews for good ideas. I intend to buy the classics, but it&#039s cool to know great obscure options, and you help me a lot.

God bless questicle.net. I’ve been using these reviews to help make my purchase decisions as I fill out my nes collection. They’re funny and informative. I appreciate all your hard work Dr. DylanCornelius. Thanks!

Hey there, uh, I&#039m not sure what you&#039re talking about. Castlevania: Curse of Darkness isn&#039t an NES game.

Nice work. We can always appreciate quests like these. We made sure to share your blog. We are on a quest to podcast about every NES game. It&#039ll only take us about 10 to 20 years to do so. Haha.

Thanks nesdudes! Always nice to connect with fellow questers. I&#039m about ready to move across country, so I will have to download a few episodes of your podcast to keep me company. Cheers!

Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL series of reviews! I grew up in the mid-to-late nineties but was raised on NES until, like, 2000 when I got an N64. I still own most of my old NES games from back in the day, as well as a few new ones. I still hook up my NES every so often and zone out on old favorites like Xexyz, Contra, Tetris (Nintendo version), and such. So many great memories!
And, with these reviews in mind, I can expand my collection and indoctrinate my fiance with the glorious world of RETRO GAMING! MWAHAHAHAHAAAAH!

Took a time, yet there you are again. Thank you so much for this relaunch. This is good news. Keep it up! And thanks again!!!

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