The idea to review every NES game came to Dylan in the summer of 2010. “750+ games, huh? Sounds like a lark!” he exclaimed aloud to no one. “If I do one a day, I’ll be done in a couple years!”

Dylan’s clueless overconfidence proved effective in the beginning stages of the quest. Reading his early reviews is like listening to a crazy uncle: messy and long-winded, if enjoyably unpredictable. But like any insane project one assigns one’s self without counting the costs, Dylan grew weary of reviewing NES games in his rambling, anything-goes style.

Several week-to-month long breaks later, Dylan began to pace himself, value clarity and brevity over length, and above all, skip a day if need be. By sticking to these principles, Dylan’s passion for the quest remained steadfast and true.

In March 2014, Dylan completed his Quest to Review Every NES Game. He’s currently working on Sega Does, a site that seeks to chronicle every game ever released on a Sega console. He’s also looking to Make Questicle Great Again in 2019 with a much-needed visual update and some new content. Please look forward to it!

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The Quest to Review Every NES Game