Bonus Round!


Balloon Fight (U) [!]-1



TOP 86 NES GAMES: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


WORST 86 NES GAMES: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


ADDITIONAL REVIEWS: International Cricket, Summer Carnival ’92: Recca, Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti, Gimmick, Crisis Force, Drac’s Night Out


LOST IN THE MINUS WORLD: Titanic, Zooming Secretary, AD&D: Dragons of Flame


UN-AMERICAN: Dig-Dug, Akumajou Special – Boku Dracula-kun


BONUS ROUND: Devil World, Nuts & Milk, All-Night Nippon Super Mario Bros., Battle City


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  • Marcin

    Hello, Dylan! That's a cool site, I love reading your reviews from time to time. Could you please consider reviewing Adventure Island IV (Japanese release only)? In my opinion it's a very good game and, believe it or not, it's a little bit different to the previous 3 parts, as it plays a little bit like an adventure game. Check it out and post a witty review, would you kindly? 🙂

    • DylanCornelius

      Hey Marcin, thanks for checking out the site.

      To be honest, I'm not sure how much more I'll be updating Questicle. But when I do, I will take care of Adventure Island IV, along with a slew of other games.

  • Gathmo

    Any PAL reviews
    And few others

  • Marcus

    By far the best resource in the web for NES reviews. Anyway you can add links where one can look up games by the grade/letter you assign them? I assume most of the As and A-s and maybe B+s made the top games lists, but it would also be sick to be able to find all the Bs and B-s in one spot too. If that's too much work, I hear ya. Just thought it may be easy enough and a great addition to the site. Thanks for all your great work!

    • DylanCornelius

      Hi Marcus, thanks for the kind comments.

      As for doing a list by grade, I have considered that in the past. The site is due for a major overhaul, so hopefully I'll be able to organize the reviews in a cleaner fashion with more options. Stay tuned!

  • B++

    Hi Dylan, love your reviews and view this site as THE definitive source for NES games. I can't wait for the site update you have planned. Please consider doing the next best 86 game run down, 87 through 172! That would be great. I'm browsing here a lot these days. Thank you!! -B

    • DylanCornelius

      Hey thanks! I appreciate the compliments!

      Perhaps after the site update, I will do a 50 honorable mentions or something. The update WILL be happening in early 2015.