#533 – Robodemons


                                                                                                 Lawrence of Arabia: 2055



                                                      Look at that character design. I can’t tell what’s what besides the legs.



PUBLISHER: Color Dreams

DEVELOPER: Color Dreams

GENRE: Action/Shmup

RELEASE DATE: December 1989


Color Dreams had absolutely no business making games. Whether desecrating the Bible under the guise of Wisdom Tree, or releasing unplayable dreck like Operation: Secret Storm and Menace Beach, Color Dreams did their best to sabotage the burgeoning NES library in their prolific three-year stint as an unlicensed development company. Robodemons is another Color Dreams feces pile, a Ghosts ‘N Goblins imitator that terrifies for all the wrong reasons. Each level is a mixture of dark imagery, cheap hits, and a worthless mode of attack – fitting as the Robodemons story line, such as it is, has you descending into Hades. Your nameless hero is consistently hit and targeted by flying projectiles, but his own weapon is a lousy boomerang. The boomerang takes several hits to kill any enemy, so when there are three or more enemies on screen (almost always), your best bet is to run through them and accept the damage. I have no shame in admitting that I couldn’t get past the first level. There are several different types of enemies – skeletons, bats, rolling skeleton heads, skull-and-crossbones that shoot projectiles – but your boomerang only has one direction of attack: whatever is in front of the hero. This means that, aside from the skeletons who walk upright, none of the enemies I just listed can be killed, let alone hit, with your weapon. The shmup portions before each level are a welcome reprieve, but there’s no point to them. There are very few enemies, and the ones that are there, you can avoid. Basically, you float around in space until Robodemons decides it’s time for the next level. As far as I’m concerned, it’s never time for the next level. Robodemons can descend to Hades and stay there.


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