#491 – Pro Wrestling

Nintendo’s only in-house developed wrestling game.
A most hilarious black box cover.
Even the referee is confused by this match.

PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous



GENRE: Sports

RELEASE DATE: March 1987

Nintendo covered just about every sport on the NES. From ice hockey to baseball to tennis to football to soccer, and yes, even wrestling. Pro Wrestling isn’t as crazy as the WWE nor is it as boring as authentic wrestling. It’s the perfect blend of surreal and natural. There are zany characters like The Amazon (Creature from the Black Lagoon), Starman, and my personal favorite, Kin Corn Karn (he’s labeled as Korean and Japanese typically don’t like Koreans, hence the crazy name?), but there are also realistic moves like the Piledriver, the Back Drop, and the Lariat. All of the wrestlers get a couple character-specific moves, as well. Stay away from the Amazon’s Outlaw Choke! It’s a doozy!

If you’re hoping to be the best wrestler who ever was, you’re in it for the long haul. You start out ranked fifth. With each match you win, you move up and eventually battle King Slender, the VWA (Video Wrestling Association) Champion. Defeat him and you get to carry the VWA title proudly!… through ten more matches, twice with each of the five selectable characters. After these matches, you will fight Great Puma, supposedly one of the hardest boss battles on the NES. I’ve never gotten to him personally, but he sounds about as tough as Tyson on Punch-Out!!; greenhorns and weak sauce jabronis should shut their mouths and stay in their seats. If each Nintendo-produced sports game were to wrestle in the VWA, Pro Wrestling would come out on top. Whereas Baseball and 10-Yard Fight feel sterile and hollow (despite my love for the former), Pro Wrestling exudes personality and character. A winner is it.


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8 replies on “#491 – Pro Wrestling”

Sorry, haven’t commented in a while. Had my first baby!

Anyway, I’ve gotten to the Great Puma several times, though I think I’ve only beaten him once without a turbo button, and that was by letting him throw me out of the ring then getting lucky on the 20 count by doing rolling sole butts.

I wouldn’t call him as difficult as Mike Tyson, though you’re more likely to be worn out from all the button mashing by the time you get to him.

My personal favorite is Fighter Hyabusa. No idez why, but I’ve become a master at his head kick that requires timing and precision. Maybe it’s because I’m so bad at button mashing that I picked a character where it wasn’t needed.

Congratulations on your newborn! I’d say that’s a solid reason to not show yourself around these parts 😉

Yeah, I’m not the best at these types of games, admittedly. I highly doubt I’ll ever see Great Puma, and if I do, our meeting will be brief.

Fighter Hayabusa did seem really well-rounded when I used him. I stuck with him for my “playthrough.”

This is a rad old school game. It is addicting once you get the taste for… well, no blood, but hell who cares. The computer will shoot you straight up until about your seventh or eighth title defense. Then, hold on to your fuckin’ hat, cause the BS is coming! And its coming fast and furious, buddy! Remember the good old days when you could actually get in a move after grappling? Well, kiss those days goodbye, big time, cause this here is for all the marbles. Never played it with turbo enabled, so maybe thats the key. Still, a couple o’ handfuls of early nes glory. Just don’t set your sights on taking down the Great One.

Hey Dylan, speaking of other sports games like 10-yard fight and baseball. If you were to pick your favorite baseball game for the NES, what would it be? How about basketball? I’ve already got Super Tecmo Bowl so I’m set on football! And imo Blades of Steel cant be beat for hockey… I’m not really a sports fan heh, but some of these NES sports games are actually pretty fun!


Baseball would have to be “Baseball Stars.” But if I’m going for sentimental favorite, I’d pick the OG: “Baseball.”

Basketball is a bit tougher. There were quite a few basketball games that were solid, but nothing great. Tecmo NBA Basketball or Arch Rivals might be the best, but even those aren’t amazing – just solid.

Blades of Steel is legit, as is Ice Hockey. Can’t front on Super Tecmo Bowl either.

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