#654 – Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Not the sequel you’re looking for.
The judgment is in his eyes.
Arnold just wants a drink, not a hullabaloo.



DEVELOPER: Software Creations

GENRE: Action

RELEASE DATE: February 1992

“Terminator 2” is one of the greatest action films of all time, so its only natural that its 8-bit counterpart reek of melted exoskeleton. Besides the ever-obvious fact that game ports of movies are universally terrible, Terminator 2 strives to emulate the best set-pieces of the film, yet the levels come across as stale and hollow. Take the second stage where you’re driving Arnold through the flood channel. There are gates in front of you that you need to shoot, and the T-1000 is driving a semi-truck behind your rear. If you fail to open one gate via a well-placed bullet, one of your units is trashed. If the T-1000 hits the back of your cycle, you’re dead. Never mind that the Terminator is composed of hyper-strong metal from the future that puts our silly 20th century gate metal to shame. Never mind that he has a life bar the size of Texas. And never mind that the level would be enjoyable if it weren’t for the one hit kills. Stages 3 and 4 are trips through the mental hospital and Cyberdyne, respectively. In the mental hospital, you locate security cards to get you further through the hospital. But what about that fat shotgun the Terminator has at his side? The one that could blow through any security lock? In Cyberdyne, you collect bombs, deposit them, collect more, deposit more, then blow them up in an 80 second time limit. Ugh. I just want to be the Terminator and shoot people and protect John Connor and be awesome. No bomb gathering, no “better not hit a gate” mentality. If Terminator 2 just ripped off Contra, it’d be a worthy complement to the film instead of a humdinger of a suck.


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Strangely enough, my lasting memory of this game was that I remember seeing them sell it on the QVC TV shopping network. Needless to say it was 2 Joan Rivers lookalikes oohing and ahhing over the game&#039s demo screen and commenting how great it looked and how much fun this game is (like either one of them knew a goddamn thing about videogames). Even at age 10 it made me feel very proud in thinking I was smarter than an adult because I was perceptive enough to already know this game was going to suck ass and believed these two shills genuinely considered this a worthy product.

So movie base games have been suckin&#039 since 1992 and furthermore !!!

This is kind of hilarious, don&#039t you think ?

I disagree with the F. This game isn&#039t that bad. It&#039s mediocre, but playable. The first stage is boring and repetitive and stupid. I mean, some ordinary human beings can beat the Terminator? And why his clothes were on when he got them in the bar (even in the game there was a cutscene that confirms this). The second stage is actually fun, but confusing for the first time. The third and fourth stages are OK in my opinion. They are completely playable they are fun. The last stage is lacking. You can&#039t get ammo there, some platmorming is cryptic and you can beat the T-1000 by jumping on his head many times.

I think the music is really great in this game, I just miss the original Terminator theme song, but still, Geoff Follin did a great job on the OST.

Also, there were more scenes in the movie that should be implemented as stages for the game.

I think the game requires a certain mood so it can be enjoyed. Some of us might still have it, or regrow it when playing. Others might have lost it or just never had it. Doesn&#039t mean I&#039m heartless or stuck in the past. Just that my current tastes differ from other people&#039s current tastes.

I mean, seriously there now… if you have to choose between “THIS” and “Super Mario Bros. 3″…

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