#580 – Slalom

Skiing down the runway of my mind.
The final Black Box game? Perhaps.
Am… am I ok?

PLAYERS: 1-2 alternating



GENRE: Skiing

RELEASE DATE: August 1987

Rare began their prolific NES development days with Slalom, a modest, but enjoyable downhill skiing title. Imagine if Rad Racer and Excitebike had a baby, and that baby loved snow and tight leotards instead of grease and gears. There are twenty-four unique courses spread over three difficulty levels: Snowy Hill, Mt. Nasty, and Steep Peak. Ski as fast as you can down each section of the mountain, while avoiding fellow skiers, sledders, trees, and other bric-a-brac. Like a virtual car or a bike, your skier becomes wobblier the faster he or she goes. If you’re skiing like a boss, but you don’t think you’ll be able to slow down before hitting something, jump. Jumping while in the throes of acceleration can easily propel you over some of the obstacles that will make you crash. If you do hit something, try and land on your feet by pressing ‘A’ right before you hit the ground; it will save you precious life-giving seconds on the clock. If you fail to make it to the finish line before your time ends, your slalom-ing days are numbered and it’s back to the practice courses with you. Another player can join in the wintry wonderland excitement, but you have to take turns. One assumes that you only have one pair of skis, and anyways, the slalom can barely handle one inflated ego.


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I remember my cousin owning this back in the day. Never cared much for it. I always wanted to play his copy of KungFu instead. And 10 Yard Fight was a black box game not developed by Nintendo(Irem). He owned that turd too.

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