#422 – Mighty Final Fight



                                          In a world without necks, these warriors fight to see who has the coolest shoes.




                                                          Don’t call that room number expecting a good time.





GENRE: Beat-em-up



How mighty can three chibi characters be, you ask? Still thy tongue, young minstrel. Just because Cody, Guy, and Haggar’s heads have expanded while their bodies shrunk, doesn’t mean they can’t stop the Mad Gang, one thug at a time (also, keep an eye out for lesser-known Street Fighter characters, like Sodom and Rolento). MFF is your standard NES brawler – fight thugs, move a little further, fight more thugs, brush your shoulder off – with a light experience system. The more enemies you fight and power-ups you collect, the more experience you get and the stronger your attacks become. After you get to level 4, each character gains a special attack, such as Haggar’s “Running Clothesline,” that are particularly useful for bosses and larger enemies. It’s nice to have the option to play as all three characters, but would it have killed Capcom to add a co-op mode? If Double Dragon II and TMNT II gave players the option four years prior to this game’s release, there’s no reason why a co-op mode shouldn’t be here. The stages have decent designs, but nothing that hasn’t been seen before. There’s the obligatory street stages, complete with gaping holes (c’mon Haggar, aren’t you the mayor? Fill in those potholes!), there’s elevators, there’s docks, and just when you’re getting warmed up, the game’s pretty much over. If you view Mighty Final Fight for what it is – a shortened version of Final Fight in every sense of the word – then you won’t be disappointed.



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