#307 – Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy

SNK playing fast and loose with historical events.
James Woods stars as the Foul-Mouthed Tank Operator.
Normandy looks a lot different than I remember.




GENRE: Action


Invading Normandy? Didn’t Allied forces do that once already? Oh, there’s an Iron Tank this time. Yeah, I guess that makes it ok. But for crying out loud, would it kill the tank manufacturers to increase said Iron Tank’s maneuverability? I appreciate that it has a large life bar, can hold up to four types of ammunition, including regular bombs and fire bombs, and is an all-around awesome piece of machinery. This is Normandy, though, and to win this war singlehandedly, as the tank operator is prepared to do, it would be nice if you could control the turret manually, like you can the machine gun. By turning the tank, you turn the machine gun, but in order to maneuver the turret, you must press ‘B’ and hold the directional pad in the direction you wish to inflict the most damage. It sounds simple enough, but while you’re operating the tank, it can feel like the turret has a mind of its own at the worst possible time (like being surrounded by the enemy’s tanks). Frankly, the machine gun is a waste of time. It can shoot enemy soldiers, but it does little to no damage to other tanks. If you’re using the tank properly, you’re only going to be shooting from the turret. Thankfully, there is a plethora of ammo on the battlefield, so plunder to your heart’s content. Don’t worry about shooting every soldier that comes into your line of sight, either. Focus on the tanks. After all, France built Normandy on rock and roll and, according to SNK’s version of history, a butt-load of tanks. It’s your job, as the One and Only Iron Tank, to destroy them all. Then Normandy. Then the world.


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I was curious what you were going to score this one. I absolutely loved this game – it was one of the earlier NES titles I played. One of my buddies owned it, and we would sometimes trade games, and I would get this one from him on occasion. I recall this one being somewhat tough though – I didn’t beat it the first couple of times I borrowed it.

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