#754 – Zombie Nation


                                                                                                                “Hey ladies!”



                                                                                                      So it’s come to this.





GENRE: Shoot-em-up

RELEASE DATE: September 1991


Namakubi, the decapitated samurai zombie head star of Zombie Nation, is the wind beneath our wings. He spews rivers of vomit upon creatures of the earth. Endless waves of eyeballs shoot from beneath his skull at the creatures of the air. Buildings, machines, even thick mountainous terrain crumble before his acidic eruptions. Though helicopters, planes, zeppelins, tanks, zombie snipers, and other miscellaneous buffoonery try to shoot him down, Namakubi subsumes their projectiles into his decaying flesh. Only highly charged bursts of energy, such as lightning or poisonous smog, can deplete his strength. And what should happen if Namakubi’s strength fails him? Will he not rise again? He will lay his enemies to waste in waste, while saving those who cry out for his help. When his zombie brethren scream for aid from beneath the rubble of the destroyed landscapes, he will snatch them into his greasy locks of hair and they will be saved. Once Namakubi and his brethren are one, they will imbue him with greater powers. And he will consume all who oppose him with torrents of vomit and eyeballs. The Statue of Liberty will be cast down. A buff, axe-throwing, loincloth-wearing Sean Connery shall be humbled. And all will know that Zombie Nation is the greatest shoot-em-up/Rampage combination to ever be created, either on the NES or any other game system, both great and small.


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