#684 – Trog!

No relation to Trogdor, unfortunately.
In the arcade, Trog! had claymation graphics and was playable with 4 players…
…but this is not the case in the NES version.

PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous


DEVELOPER: Visual Concepts

GENRE: Arcade

RELEASE DATE: October 1991

If you like your Pac-Man clones smothered in a delicious prehistoric glaze, then Trog! was hand-crafted for your gaming palate. You control Bloop, a gentle blue dinosaur who has a hankering for Trog eggs (the Trogs are cavemen, yet they lay eggs?). Collect all the Trog eggs in each level, then book it to the exit before the Trogs knock you out and eat you. When you do get knocked out by a Trog, prepare to be disturbed as they strip the blue meat right from your carcass in front of you, the player. Praises be, Bloop has a punch that can stun Trogs. There’s also a power-up that enables you to breathe fire, and one that turns you from a Gentle-saur to a Cruncha-saur. Much like the dot in Pac-Man, which leaves the ghosts vulnerable to Pac’s cavernous mouth, the pineapple in Trog! transforms you into a ferocious eating machine. Trogs are all over the place, so this fruit is well worth obtaining any time it appears on the map. Alas, the controls are often sticky and non-responsive. Whereas Pac-Man has a smooth, tight turn radius, Bloop tends to turn only by consciously jamming the D-pad in the proper direction. You get used to Bloop’s laziness, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying. With Trog!‘s plethora of levels, you’ll never run out of Trog eggs to eat. But the game lacks the replay value, inspiration, and sweet play control of its Pac-daddy.


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One of my favorites as a kid, I used to rent this bad boy from the corner store and never grow tired of it (this and Snow Brothers entertained my young, easily amused mind many a times)

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