#668 – Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland


                                                                                                                    Poor Dodo…



                                                                Gingivitis is the number-one cause of tooth trap decay.





GENRE: Platforming

RELEASE DATE: April 1993


They’re crazy! They’re wacky! They chew lots of tobaccy! Yes, the Tiny Toons are back in yet another madcap romp for your NES. Instead of straightforward platforming or half-assed cartoon assembling, Trouble in Wackyland plops you down into the center of an amusement park with ten tickets and four choices: bumper pinball with Plucky, a train ride with Hampton, a log ride with Furball, and a roller coaster with Babs. Bumper pinball is three rounds of Plucky knocking jerkface cats into a black hole, without careening into it himself (also rackin’ up the points). Hampton rides the rails, and uses his Buddha belly to take care of bats. Furball must keep his balance on a log, while avoiding piranhas and croaking Warner Bros. frogs. The hardest level by far is Babs’ roller coaster. It reaches near-Sonic speeds, and you have to flip upside down and right-side up quickly to avoid the castle-like surroundings of the roller coaster. Die on any stage, and you have to use more tickets to ride again. You will run out of tickets, but you can buy more with the points you accumulate. Once you beat a stage, you get a golden ticket. Collect all four golden tickets, and you’ll be let into the Fun House, a ridiculously challenging maze that defies gravity and your patience. Short length aside (only five stages total), Trouble in Wackyland‘s forward-thinking level structure and increased difficulty makes it a rewarding venture for youngsters and veterans alike. Come and JOIN. THE. FUN.





                                                                                                                See? Fun. JOIN IT!
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