#413 – Metal Storm



                                                That mech design brings me back to the glory days of Japanese robots.




                                                                 Let’s just say, Metal Storm don’t want no scrubs.





GENRE: Action

RELEASE DATE: February 1991


The name “Metal Storm” screams late 80s metal festival with bands like Ratt, Poison, Cinderella, among other groups that I’m ashamed to know. But please, Hammer, don’t judge a game by its title. Metal Storm is an incredibly fun little platformer with an excellent hook: turning upside down. Each stage is designed to make great use of your mech’s zero-g abilities, from avoiding enemies that are blocking your path to acquiring hidden power-ups. Sometimes flipping upside down or returning right side up will open up new paths or power down laser blockades. The point is, if you seem stuck or a barrier looks impossible to overcome, flip your mech the opposite way. Power-ups will enable you to slightly enhance your weapon to go through barriers, allow you to take an extra hit (this is a one-hit-and-you’re-dead adventure), give you a shield, among other things. Metal Storm is certainly hard, but it has a fair amount of continues and a password system, so unless you’ve been raised on today’s grandma games, this will be a fantastic one-afternoon thrill-ride that any retro gamer should experience.


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