#384 – Mad Max



                                                                                                     Mel Gibson, in simpler times.




I wish Mad Max would have just been R.C. Pro-Am in the desert. A rip-off, sure, but anything’s better than the alternative.



PUBLISHER: Mindscape

DEVELOPER: Mindscape

GENRE: Action/adventure



Driving around an abandoned wasteland and blowing stuff up in Mad Max sounds like a blast, until you realize there’s absolutely no direction as to where to go. You have a limited amount of fuel, weaponry, and a huge landscape in which to get lost and agitated. Enemies bump right into you, so naturally, you blow them up with dynamite, but you shouldn’t. You need dynamite to blow up barriers that blockade your progress, though it doesn’t really matter if you don’t know where you’re going. Here’s a PROTIP: find a couple caves in the area. Once there, you’re on foot, a wobbly-legged Mad Max racing to find more fuel and dynamite. Some of the items in the cave look as they should, like the dynamite, and others don’t. Search everything to make sure you don’t miss anything. Eventually, you complete this Road War level (GET IT?! ROAD WARRIOR!) and enter the Arena level, where your entire goal is to just blow up cars. The levels go back and forth like this – Road War, Arena, etc – until the end boss. Enemies easily get in your way, your car is too slow and jerky, the graphics look like dump. Mad Max might be one of the most pointless, unnecessary, unfun games I’ve yet to play on the NES, and – shocker of shockers – it’s a licensed title that nobody asked for. Just terrible.


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