#269 – Greg Norman’s Golf Power

Golf has seen better days.
C’mon Greg, there’s enough golf power for all of us.
Norman’s game, Norman’s crazy trees. Capiche?

PLAYERS: 1-4 alternating

PUBLISHER: Virgin Interactive

DEVELOPER: Gremlin Graphics

GENRE: Sports


Underneath this should-have-been-decent golf game lies troubles, deep, deep troubles. In fact, these troubles are so deep that not even the heartiest, most delicious sand wedge could pluck them from the abyss. For starters, what’s with the load times? Every time you hit a shot, a black screen comes up and types out some information about how many yards you have left and what club you need to use. It’s seemingly educational at first, but quickly grows tedious after, oh, the third shot you make. Plus, who ever heard of load times on an NES game? Secondly, the power meter is confusing. This isn’t saying much, seeing as every NES golf game has a confusing power meter. Still, it makes little sense as to why you charge your power meter to the top, only to let the meter fall back to the beginning. I never quite got the hang of it and it ruined most of the game. There is (apparently) a pretty good design mode where you can create your own golf course, but I didn’t try it, frightened by the thought of the load times embedded within that beast of a program. I imagine placing an item on the course, such as a bunker or a tree. The second I drop it, a black screen interrupts to tell me that I have placed a bunker or a tree on the course. Thank you, Greg Norman, for that little slice of obvious!


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One reply on “#269 – Greg Norman’s Golf Power”

So, when the product endorsment concern turned their collective eye to the golf world, they gave the best to arnold palmer. As this was the eighties, greg norman said “i want a nintendo game”. Fair enough. Displeased with the shoddy design, he complained to the concern. “Well”, they said, casting their collective eye again in his direction “would you settle for a cool nickname?” And thus, “The Shark” was born. Please note, however, that a cool nickname plus your own video game still doesn’t hold a candle to getting the coolest drink this side of coffee NAMED AFTER YOU.

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