#250 – Gauntlet II

Hang on to your friends…
It was a dark and stormy photo-op.
Mind the bones of your fallen comrades.

PLAYERS: 1-4 simultaneous

PUBLISHER: Mindscape


GENRE: Arcade

RELEASE DATE: September 1990

Perhaps I picked the wrong character this time? Perhaps the gameplay just didn’t hold up over a rushed sequel? Either way, Gauntlet II takes everything that was pure and wonderful about the original, and promptly squishes it under The Warrior’s blood-soaked heel. From the first level onward, something just feels a bit off. The graphics are more colorful, sure, and the controls haven’t changed, but the lack of music and addition of grainy voice samples really destroy any sort of moody atmosphere that the first one cultivated. Worse yet are the “power-ups” that seem to be more of a hindrance than a help. The “transportation” one is the biggest offender. Going through walls seems like a cool idea to help you avoid enemies, but it also prevents you from collecting other items, like treasures and HEALTH, for crying out loud! The levels also don’t seem as well-made. They’re larger, less interesting, and not nearly as challenging (although there are more of them – 100 levels, to be precise). Perhaps the reason for the levels being larger is that, with this sequel, four-player support has finally been added. I’d imagine it’s the best way to play the game. Playing by myself, I experienced nothing but sorrow, emptiness, and a real rage dump for the newer features. KHAN!!!!


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One reply on “#250 – Gauntlet II”

I couldn’t agree more. I loved the original Gauntlet and figured I would love part 2… not so much though. I remember renting it, and completely losing interest, despite the fact I thoroughly enjoyed the original, which I was fortunate enough to have purchased.

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