#243 – G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Once Upon a Hero.
Round about that time, old man Dickerson got his laser cannon and started blasting people for no reason at all.
Snake Eyes about town.




GENRE: Action

RELEASE DATE: January 1991

As opposed to a “fake” American hero? Would that be someone like Nixon, who at first appeared to be a good president, but then… well, you know? Anyways, G.I. Joe is the stuff NES action games are made of. Not only does Contra‘s ghost loom large in the “non-stop action” territory, but the game adds to Contras formula by allowing you multiple characters a la Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All your Joe buddies are here: Blizzard, Snake Eyes, Rock and Roll, etc. Build a team by selecting two additional characters (additional to Duke, of course – did you think he wasn’t coming?) and you’re on your way to defeating the Cobras. Each person of your squad has different abilities, so be sure to mix and match wisely. My personal team was Duke, Snake Eyes, and Captain Grid Iron: two beefy shoot-em-up characters, and one stealthy, high-jumping ninja. As you progress, power-ups will emerge from fallen enemies, like power upgrades to your weapon, health, etc. Each member of your squad counts as a life, so if someone’s getting low, be sure to switch ’em out before they die. One thing: much like life in Detroit and other urban ghetto areas, this game gets really hard, really fast. Should you beat the game once, a second quest will emerge where you can only take one team member with you. Beat the game again and a third and final quest will appear. In order to get the true ending, you must beat this final quest where you take double the damage, weapon and health replenishment is scarce and enemies take less damage. America isn’t fooling around. They need real men (and possibly women) to play this game. Are you up to the challenge?


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So with 2 GI Joes, why was there no Transformers game? (That weird Japan-only abomination doesn&#039t count…)

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