#224 – Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge

Another racing game that states its reason for being in the title.
Acclaim? I’ll pass, thanks.
Speeding towards Anytown, USA – or Europe.




GENRE: Racing


Once upon a time, I was falling in love. Now I’m only falling apart. Nothing I can do… a total ECLIPSE OF THE HAW-AWT! I dedicate that song to my racing Ferrari, which I mutilated mercilessly. In my defense, I had no idea what I was doing. Hopefully it can find peace knowing that I was handling it in complete ignorance. Yes! Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge is a racing sim for your NES. It’s not unique or overly showy. You race a Ferrari against other Ferraris in an attempt to see who will become Lord Over all Ferraris. Take your pick to race in an Automatic model (you fairy) or a 3-Way Shifter (the manly man option). Race a qualifying race to see how fast you are, then you’re off to the real races with mean, ugly Ferraris who make fun of your Ferrari’s overbite and smelly exhaust. The real races are tough, ain’t gonna lie. The more wear and tear you get on your racer by bumping into other Ferraris (incredibly easy to do, given their size), the less reliable your Ferrari becomes. The tracks get increasingly more windy and difficult. Thankfully, the controls are fairly tight. If your car’s in good shape and you can get the hang of each track’s layout, you’ll be in like Flynt – or possibly Steve McQueen in various films where he drives a car really fast. Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge doesn’t boast miracles, but it does deliver solid 8-bit formula racing.


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a lot of racing sims on the NES did this. Don&#039t ask me to cite specific ones, but I know it&#039s more than this game. Thanks for the comment.

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