#206 – DuckTales 2

Scrooge McDuck continues to flex.
Our boy Scrooge is unfazed by the madness. Well done, old man.
He can pull switches with his cane this time! Progress!




GENRE: Platformer


The adventures of Scroogibald McDuckleton continue in this much-improved sequel. In 1993, when every other company had become bedfellows with the SNES and the Genesis, Capcom stood by the NES with three final games: Mega Man 6, Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers 2, and DuckTales 2. None of these games were Capcom’s finest hour, but DuckTales 2 is probably the only one I’d deem necessary. It improves on the mechanics of the first one, while trimming the fat. Non-linearity? Almost completely gone. Some may cry about that, but the straightforward paths in this game feel right. Scrooge, old man, feels lighter on his feet, and the whole game looks cleaner too. The story is the same “treasure hunt” song-and-dance, but the levels are at least more interesting, and in a platforming game, that’s what counts. Like with Chip ‘N Dale 2, DuckTales 2 is definitely a lot easier. There are barely any enemies as you make your way across the stages, and the ones that are there don’t put up much of a fight. But if you’re going for challenge, you can always begin at the “Difficult” setting and give those nasty gophers and disembodied hands a good backside cane thrashing, eh wot! So yes, I find DuckTales 2 to be webs and bills above the first one. I believe this might annoy some people, as the original DuckTales is practically NES canon. Then again, hardly anyone’s played this sequel. Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.


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