#190 – Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones



                          This cover pales in comparison to Double Dragon II. Technos wasn’t even trying for this go-round.


Double Dragon III - The Sacred Stones (U) [!]-1


                                                                                                  Danger: this game sucks.


PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous



GENRE: Beat-em-up

RELEASE DATE: February 1991


Kidney stones? Gallstones? Stones upside your head? Biblical stoning? Double Dragon III brings the pain with little regard to the player attempting to beat the game. Not only are the foes a great deal harder in this entry, but you only have one life. Let me write that again: you only have one life and the game begins like you started on expert mode. Having another player join the fray is like taking a couple aspirin when you have a migraine: any sort of relief you feel is a placebo effect. The real trick to this game is learning the vast array of moves (surprisingly vast) and repeating them ad nauseum until you say, “This is silly. I shouldn’t have to repeat these powerful moves over and over again simply to beat some peon. I’m turning this off and playing Double Dragon II.” My personal favorite move was the mid-air somersault. If I pulled off two or three of those, my foe would be vanquished, as opposed to the five to six times I’d have to punch/kick his face. I have no problem with a game series increasing its difficulty, but Double Dragon III does it poorly. The game would still be difficult if you gave the player three lives and left the computer AI the same. Couldn’t the one-life option be for the super hardcore players? Here’s the real issue: maybe with time, energy, and patience, you could destroy this game, but it’s still not as memorable as Double Dragon II. After the blockbuster epic-ness of the latter, Double Dragon III is a real kick in the stones.


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