#166 – Deathbots

The unlicensed party continues.
This T-800 ripoff has some words.
All the lonely deathbots…


PUBLISHER: American Video Entertainment

DEVELOPER: Odyssey Software

GENRE: Action


Our lives are over in an instant. We are like the dew on the grass that comes in the morning and leaves in the morning. This is why, friends, there is no need to play trash like Deathbots. Imagine being thrown into a room where Kasey Casem and early ’90s Bob Saget are hosting a marathon for D-list celebrities. It’s not funny, it’s certainly not fun, and most of all, everyone involved wishes they were somewhere else. The game itself pits you, a robot, against other robots in bland sterile environments. The whole point of the game is to upgrade your weapon, shoot other robots, and not die. Problem is, upgrades or otherwise, your gun sucks, you can’t ever avoid the barrage of robot fire, and there’s no real point to the game at all, other than moving through a series of rooms where robots upon robots upon robots come after you. If you can find the self-destruct button on this game, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, the Robocalypse will be upon you and all you will see is wave after wave of shrapnel and metallic decay. Dew on the grass, people.


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