The Quest is 50% Complete!

Huzzahs are definitely in order.

As of review #384, I am officially 50% done with this quest. I don’t feel the need to make a big to-do about it, but I would like to offer some (hopefully) helpful advice to those who feel they may want to review an entire system’s library, or perhaps, gaming bloggers as a whole.

  • Love to write. Loving gaming isn’t enough. You have to have a passion for the written word.
  • Be yourself in your writing. I don’t often review games in the traditional format (laying out my take on the graphics, music, controls, gameplay, etc)  because I’ve been reading those types of reviews since I was a kid and I’m tired of them. There’s nothing wrong with that style, but I personally wouldn’t have lasted this long if I would have kept myself to that “formula.”
  • Write for yourself, not for ad money or page-views. It’s fine if you want to get a following, but too often I see bloggers try to self-promote at the expense of actually putting out new material.
  • Post frequently. Posting every day is the obvious ideal, but life gets in the way far too frequently to demand something like that of yourself. Three times a week is solid and do-able, in my opinion. This isn’t just for the sake of keeping readers. This is so you’ll stay committed and interested in your goal. And if you do miss a week (or two), don’t beat yourself up or feel like you have to explain yourself to anyone. Just keep writing.

Only 378 more games to go, friends. Thanks for sharing this quest with me.



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5 replies on “The Quest is 50% Complete!”

Well I dont think I’ve been following you for as long as some of the other people but let me congratulate you on getting this far its truely a samson like effort. Im rooting for you all the way buddy!

Heres to 378 more 😀

I tried to do exactly what you’re doing once. I did fine until I got to the AD&D games, then I hit a lull, and eventually gave up. It’s been fun to see someone actually do it and do it well. Keep it up.

You’re a sadist albeit an entertaining one. All snark aside, love the new look to the site and a huge congrats for hitting the halfway mark. Keep in perspective the fact that there are probably literally a billion people on the internet and only ONE has gotten as far as you have. Wait for it…wait for it…A WINNER IS YOU!!!

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