#598 – Sqoon

We all live in a pink submarine, apparently.
It’s a long way to Tipperary!
Wow, it really is raining men.




GENRE: Shoot-em-up

RELEASE DATE: September 1987

Sqoon tries to be everything all of the time. It is one of two games on the NES where you commandeer a submarine. It is the only game on the NES where you commandeer a pink submarine. It is also, to my knowledge, the only submarine shmup on the NES, and possibly, any other console. You shoot sharks, crabs, jellyfish, topless mermaids holding crosses. You rescue hostages stuck in little bio-domes and deliver them to a floating island. You have a constantly decreasing fuel limit that only lasts sixty seconds – unless you deliver 9 hostages to the floating island and successfully retrieve the fuel pellet the island drops without getting hit by various sea life.

Sqoon wants you to love it because it’s chock full of weird, but is Sqoon worthy of your strongest affection? You and Sqoon need to sit down and have a talk; sort out your relationship. For some, Sqoon will be a wondrous blend of relentless shmup and hostage negotiation. For others, Sqoon will be a frustrating blend of relentless shmup and hostage negotiation. Every creature under the sea is against your little submarine. All you want is to save the human race from the Neptunians; to “do the right thing,” as Spike Lee would. Sqoon just wants to dance. Make up your mind, Sqoon.


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