#584 – Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular


This game originally featured Donald Duck in Japan, but due to licensing restrictions, Kemco had to change the main character to Snoopy. This neither hinders nor helps the actual game.



                                                                              A Sack Race, in the Depression part of town.


PLAYERS: 1-2 alternating



GENRE: Minigames

RELEASE DATE: April 1990


There’s nothing silly or spectacular about Snoopy’s first sports game, a multi-event exercise that’s over before you can say “Good grief!”. Choose from one of six events – Pile of Pizza, Sack Race, Overboard, Pogo, Boot Throwing, River Jump – or play all six at once. It’s better to play all the events together for two reasons: 1) each event will take you only about five-to-ten seconds to complete; and 2) if you select only one event and you complete it, but you don’t “try again” when the game asks, it boots you back to the title screen; best to avoid the hassle. Most of the events are nonsensical: Pile of Pizza has Snoopy carrying a large stack of pizzas slowly to a finish line; Overboard has Snoopy and his creepy pervert counterpart playing Urban Champion in a boat; Sack Race and Boot Throwing are as hobo as they sound. Only Pogo and River Jump make marginal sense in the “sports” context, but the movements – pogo-ing and jumping, respectively – are difficult to execute. The events themselves are inoffensive, but once they’re over, they’re over, and the game has little left to offer. If you get a certain score at the end of your first playthrough, you can play through the game twice more (assuming you get higher and higher scores) before it awards you a gold medal – but really, who cares? Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular doesn’t look, sound, or control poorly, but its lack of content (it’s hardly a game at all) renders it an inconsequential waste of time.


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