#578 – Sky Kid

Kissin’ the sorry ground goodbye!
Charles Lindbergh about town!
“Authentic Arcade Edition” you say?

PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous



GENRE: Arcade

RELEASE DATE: September 1987

Put some grease in your garter, Sky Kid! Or is it, Red Baron? My papers say two things… well, it doesn’t matter! I don’t give a lick who you are, just make sure your garter’s all greased up before you go flying out into the wild blue. Rival fighter pilots and freight trucks will combine their likely Communist powers in order to take you down, Sky Baron. You can shoot ’em or, when the goin’ gets rough (and it will – twelve missions of patience-testing ahead of ya, if ever I’s a day), do a whirlybird in the air to avoid incoming fire. Your main target in each of the twelve missions is the gray steely base known as The Main Target. In each mission, there will be a bomb somewhere that you can attach to your underside; just fly over it and it’ll grip to ya. Drop the bomb in the middle of the main target, and be on your way. If you drop it too soon or too late, the compound will remain intact and we’ll dock your “points” (in other words, your paycheck Red Kid, read between the lines). Remember! If you start to spin out of control, hold the directional pad upwards, then hit ‘A’ and ‘B’ on the control panel rapidly until you right yourself. This will save your life numerous times, I can’t stress that enough. Now, they say you’re the best, and that might be true, but even the best of us need some help. If need be, we can send in Max, who I’ve nicknamed “The Blue Baron” in honor of you (unlike you, he’s simply named Max – we can’t all have five names, Kid Baron). Why are you still reading this? Get your helmet on, comb your mustache, and soar to the heavens. Don’t make me shove more grease in your garter!


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2 replies on “#578 – Sky Kid”

Wow, this is an obscure turd. Interesting that you actually take off and land in each mission. And I dig the chicks dancing at the end of the level? Only good things I could say about this game. Glad you had some fun with it.

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