#512 – Raid 2020


                                                                 Shadow only multi-terrains with his Power Glove on.



                                                                   Floating by the dock of the bay… wa-a-sting time.



PUBLISHER: Color Dreams

DEVELOPER: Color Dreams

GENRE: Action



We’ve got seven more years until 2020, and if Raid 2020‘s dystopian future is to be believed, I’ve got bad news, folks: drug dealers have taken over everything. They’ve assimilated our piers, our swamps, even the entirety of space itself. You’re Shadow, a quiet man with a taste for novelty sunglasses, creepy trench coats, and firearms. Only you can regain the sobriety of the galaxy by stopping the drug lord, Pitbull, and his scuzzy henchmen. But a one-man raid isn’t as simple as it sounds. Try moving Shadow up or down and he will move in a diagonal direction because he doesn’t play by the rule book. When he shoots his gun, he only shoots one bullet at a time. If he trys to shoot more than one bullet, the first bullet will disappear in mid-air. “Bullets don’t grow on pot plants!” Shadow yells. “Be conservative!” Pitbull’s henchmen fight dirty. Not only can they shoot as many bullets as they deem necessary to kill Shadow, they can also reappear, no questions asked. Since Shadow is supposed to eliminate every drug henchman he sees, he will find himself walking through each area several times, muttering about clones and whiskey. On a couple occasions, Shadow will be asked to pilot a boat or a spacecraft. In these levels, Pitbull will sic his top dogs on Shadow, via helicopters or space ships. These horrid individuals will kamikaze themselves into him, depleting what little life he has. “What kind of one-man galaxy-saving mission did I sign up for anyway?” Shadow ponders. “I can’t move or fire a gun properly. The henchmen take forever to kill, thanks to the drugs. And they never stop coming! It almost feels like… I was programmed to fail.” Shadow raises clenched fists and screams at the blackened sky. “Color Dreams!”


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