#493 – Puss ‘N Boots: Pero’s Great Adventure

Let Pero’s cuteness consume you!
The kid in me is swooning.
He’s happy, which means I’m happy.


PUBLISHER: Electro Brain


GENRE: Platformer


I’m not sure how great Pero’s adventure is, but it is all-encompassing. From Arabia to the West to New York to somewhere called Space Wars, Puss ‘N Boots knows how to get around. Traveling around the world sounds like it would make a great backdrop for a game. But for all the different locales, unique modes of transportation like biplanes and hot air balloons, and undoubtedly raging jet lag, Pero doesn’t do much on his adventure. If he’s on the ground in a hotspot like London, he shoots mice and cats disguised as Buckingham Palace guards. If he’s in Arabia, he’s in a car driving around sultan palaces and shooting… mice and cats. Each level ends abruptly after a couple minutes. All I’m sayin’ is the last time I visited “The West,” it was bigger than some wooden shanties and a few varmint cowboy mice. There’s nothing to collect, save for an extra life and some limited invincibility here and there. There are a couple boss battles, which are about the only incentive to use your other two weapons, bombs and a boomerang. Didn’t Puss ‘N Boots have a sword at some point in his storied history? For a small cat, he’s packing quite a bit of modern-day heat. It’s a good thing he made this trip sorta-round-the-world twenty years ago. Good luck trying to board a plane with that kind of arsenal now.


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