#367 – Lethal Weapon

Perhaps we’re all too old for this, er… stuff.
We still love you, Joe Pesci.
Riggs takes on Castro’s men singlehandedly.




GENRE: Action

RELEASE DATE: April 1993

So many kids loved Lethal Weapon 3, the violent, profanity-filled Mel Gibson and Danny Glover film, that developer Ocean decided to buy the license and make a beat-em-up out of it. You know… for the kids. Even if the young target audience have a passion for cop-buddy movies where Joe Pesci acts annoying and swears a lot, there’s no way they could forgive this passion-less, by-the-numbers beat-em-up. Play as Riggs or Murtaugh (you switch between them by stepping out of the screen or dying) and destroy the entire world’s allotment of generic bad guys. Seriously, you’re punching, kicking, and shooting Chinese communists, Rastafarian rebels, dumpy fat Americans, the whole nine yards. It’d be laughable if the results weren’t so boring. The best beat-em-ups are two-player, so you can bring a friend along for a sometimes tedious, button-mashing ride, but Lethal Weapon keeps it decidedly single-player. Despite the overall mediocrity of the game, it controls surprisingly well and the difficulty is well-paced. The first three levels are pretty easy, but it starts to get slightly more difficult with each passing stage. Riggs is fast and agile (due to his feathered hair, no doubt) and Murtaugh is tougher, but slower. Despite these simple pleasures, Lethal Weapon is yet another addition to the long list of games that didn’t need to be made. Handle with caution.


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5 replies on “#367 – Lethal Weapon”

Funny review, I actually didn’t know there was an NES game for this movie – well, now I understand why noone ever talks about it.
I just recently wrote a short blog post on how awesome it _could_ be to adapt this movie franchise as a tv show.

Just wondering, is the Lemmings link broken?

My cousin used to have that game when we were kids… so I’m pretty sure I know what I would rate it xD I hated that game… the controls seemed clunky to me. But maybe I was just a stupid kid?

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