#349 – Krazy Kreatures

Kraziness ahead – you’ve been warned!
Even bubblegum demons are pretty disturbing.
“Going krazy” isn’t as crazy as expected.

PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous

PUBLISHER: American Video Entertainment

DEVELOPER: Bitmasters

GENRE: Arcade/puzzle


If I came into your home, laid out an empty game board, and just started tossing goofy and creepy looking creatures onto the board with reckless abandon, demanding that you re-arrange them in rows of three, lest the board fill up with the creatures and you die, you’d kick me out of your house in some violent manner, and for good reason. That is psychotic behavior. Rest assured, I would never demean myself to that degree, but the behavior I engaged in in this hypothetical situation is exactly the premise of Krazy Kreatures.

Each level of Krazy Kreatures is made with empty black space and obstructions of varying degree. Animals and books and disembodied teeth, among other nightmares are then thrust onto the level. You must re-arrange them into groups of three (or four, depending on the level) and try and clear as much of the level as you can. At some point in each level, the game will stop throwing things on the black space. At this point, a time limit will appear and your goal then becomes to clear as much of the level as you can. The more you clear, the more points you get and the crazy creatures are yours to command. Truth be told, I got sucked into the fast-paced rhythms of Krazy Kreatures. It’s the epitome of an addictive five-minute time-waster, a game that should be on the App Store for 99 cents. Don’t play it expecting depth or substance and you may enjoy yourself.


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