#309 – Isolated Warrior



Pink was really the warrior’s choice back then. Perhaps the color warded off such disturbing creatures as that skull/brain entity in the background.




                                                   When I think of shooters and explosions, I don’t think of Lisa Frank.





GENRE: Action/shooter

RELEASE DATE: February 1991


Isn’t every video game protagonist an isolated warrior? Unless you’re playing some sort of squad-based or co-op game, I’m going to hand you a big fat YES to that question. The followup question then would be, is Max Maverick, the isolated warrior of Isolated Warrior, the ultimate video game protagonist? For crying out loud, the government of his planet recruited him and him alone to save them from over 40 alien creatures. I’m guessing Mr. Maverick has done this before, perhaps on the same planet in some unrecorded adventure, or perhaps on a different planet. Regardless, he is trustworthy.


His credentials are in order, then, but what to make of the term “isolated”? According to thefreedictionary.com, “isolated” means “separated from others; solitary, singular.” Indeed Max is a highly accomplished man to be able to save planets within a moment’s notice, but this very distinction means that there are very few people who can understand the weight of his situation. His is a lonely existence, lived predominantly in and around a government-built villa on the outskirts of his planet. Do not envy this man or any other isolated warrior in video gaming. Their lives may seem exciting, living as they do on the brink of death at all times. But who are they fighting for? Themselves? Your everyday person who can not properly thank them or understand what they go through? These are examples of questions that sprint through their heads while they are spattered with alien entrails and unknown goo. Isolated Warrior may look cool and fun, with its crazy weapon upgrades and non-stop vertically-scrolling action/shooter mischief, but for Max Maverick it’s some serious business. Even if he doesn’t know why.


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