#219 – Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy



                                                 If this game was advertised on television, it couldn’t possibly be bad!


Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The (Unl) [!]-1


                                                            I’m already reeling from how FANTASTIC this game is!




DEVELOPER: Codemasters

GENRE: Adventure



You may remember Dizzy the Egg from his previous adventures in, uh, Dizzy the Adventurer. While not a ground-breaking game, Dizzy stood apart from a large portion of the typical side-scrolling tripe by incorporating “puzzle elements.” Basically, “bring this particular item here” and “put this other item there” and so forth. It worked because it was straightforward and, while a tad easy, was engaging without being obtuse (despite the protagonist being a remarkable dolt, devoid of any meaningful personality).


The “Fantastic” Adventures of Dizzy is everything its predecessor is not. It’s non-linear (not always a bad thing, but here…), obtuse, and explains nothing about its intent. Is Dizzy simply trying to use the items of the world to save a princess? Is he collecting 100 stars and if so why? Why can he only hold three items and why is he forced to shuffle through them to get to the item he actually wants to use? Once again, Dizzy can’t use any real weapons; instead, he is forced to use items he finds around the world, like weed killer to kill a one-hit-and-you’re-dead venus Eggtrap. This didn’t bother me as much in the previous game because a lot of the enemies you came across were inconsequential and could easily be jumped over. Here you’re often forced to take hits, which is, if anything, less than “fantastic.”


Speaking of which, here’s what the ol’ Oxford English Dictionary had to say about “fantastic”: 1. “imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality.” 2. “extraordinarily good or attractive.” Well, if Dizzy was aiming for the former definition, he succeeded. Dizzy’s game mechanics and overall skills as a protagonist are as remote from gaming reality as a game could be. If he was aiming for the latter, er, well, better luck next time.


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