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#690 – Ultima: Quest of the Avatar

                                                        The poor souls who bought this game used, before FAQs were prevalent…                                                                                                That’s always the question, and never the answer.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Pony Canyon DEVELOPER: Infinity GENRE: RPG RELEASE DATE: December 1990   How groundbreaking Quest of the Avatar must have seemed in 1985. To wit: instead of … Continue reading #690 – Ultima: Quest of the Avatar

#71 – Battle of Olympus

                                                                                       How I wish this cover truly represented the game within.     Those who aren’t comfortable with their protagonist bowing down to gods probably shouldn’t embark on this battle. PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Broaderbund DEVELOPER: Infinity GENRE: Action/RPG RELEASE DATE: December 1989   Perhaps I’ve gotten too used to contemporary games, where the developers … Continue reading #71 – Battle of Olympus