#496 – Pyramid

The symbol for all things ancient and mysterious.
That’s one sassy necklace you got there, lady.
This is as good as the game gets. Pyramid only looks out for Pyramid.


PUBLISHER: American Video Entertainment


GENRE: Puzzle


But… but… I already reviewed this game. Like Puzzle, Pyramid was part of the Maxi-15 Experience I engaged in last September, and it hasn’t changed a lick, a bite, or a shovel. It’s Tetris in Egyptian clothes with awkward clumps of triangles. The triangular-based shapes don’t fit together like they should and have a habit of screwing you over. Once you lay down a full line, it will disappear like Tetris. Unlike Tetris, should you complete a couple lines at the same time (rare, but it does happen), the game will only make one line disappear, causing on a full-on controller-gnoshing meltdown. Thank goodness for bombs and a charming Sphinx backdrop. The latter pleases the eyes, while the former eliminates some of the frustration that comes with a broken game. Even the music sounds like a slightly modified version of the Tetris theme song (I’m aware there are three tracks in the NES version– this one). Remember, this isn’t ancient Egypt and you’re not a slave. Leave these potential pyramids be.


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