#254 – Ghostbusters II



I think Dan Aykroyd makes his own vodka now. “Two shots and you won’t be afraid of no ghosts, or your stomach contents back!”




                            Dan Aykroyd: “Alright, boys, we’re going to drink my vodka until this game’s playable!”


PLAYERS: 1-2 alternating

PUBLISHER: Activision

DEVELOPER: Imagineering

GENRE: Action

RELEASE DATE: April 1990


Remember when I said Ghostbusters would be better if it were a side-scrolling action game?…




Ghostbusters II may be worse than the first. What am I saying, “may”! It’s totally worse than the first game, bro! In the first game, there was the possibility for progression, if you drove long enough, set the traps in the right position, actually managed to wrangle the ghosts. Zael’s Tower was impossible, but hey, you could get there. Ghostbusters II shatters any thought of progression. How anyone would ever manage to get past the first level – or indeed, would even want to – is only if you shook hands and made a pact with Vigo the Carpathian himself. Truly his evil power is what you need to get past even the simplest and stupidest of circumstances i.e. the first level.


Grievances (only from the first level, mind you):


  • Not being able to jump over a tiny spider that your character, as nimble as he is, should be able to clearly jump over. Should you attempt to leap past it, it will jump up and take a “life,” which leads me to…
  • Lives? What lives? The lower left-hand side of the screen shows that you have three lives, but in reality, you have one life and you can only get hit three times. If you get hit, the screen pauses for a second while your character lies splayed out on the sewer floor. A “life” is then taken away and you’re free to move away from the spider that you will never be able to jump over. JUST FACE IT, IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
  • You have a slime gun, but it’s resistant against 80% of all enemies (not an accurate percentage, but pretty darn close). Seriously. Why would they give you a weapon to use if it’s not going to work against more than half of the enemies?


That’s three grievances over a level that I may or may not have even came close to beating. You know what that means? Potential for even more grievances. Who knows how long that sewer goes on. It is New York City, after all. According to GameFAQs, those kings of archaic gaming knowledge, there are driving levels in this game too. Because if anyone asked Activision what they wanted to see more of in the Ghostbusters sequel, it’s driving. Really, what more could you ask for? A competent “Ghostbusters” game? Congratulations, they released one a couple years ago. It’s about damn time.


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