#103 – Bubble Bobble Part 2

Co-op no more.
Bub and Bob lose their manners – and their lunch!
Bub stares vacantly at the stage’s wooden frame.

PLAYERS: 1-2 alternating



GENRE: Arcade

RELEASE DATE: August 1993

If you pick up a sequel to a game like Bubble Bobble, you’re not looking for ingenious new game design with mind-bending levels and skull-crushing enemies. You want to blow some cutesy enemies into bubbles and pop them, hopefully with a friend. Yes, taking a friend along for the ride was Bubble Bobble‘s saving grace, but put that out of your mind here. The only two-player mode in Part 2 is alternating, which means, you have to wait for one person to die before you can play. Repeat: there is no co-op mode in Bubble Bobble Part 2. So without the previous game’s best feature, what’s left? The unfortunate and confounding loss of the password function, and the addition of bosses and mid-bosses every few levels. The bosses seem like a nice touch, until you realize there’s no technique or strategy in destroying them; blow an insane amount of bubbles at their weak points and they die. At least the game looks more fun, bright, and colorful than the first, and Bub and Bob are a lot easier to control. That being said, the Bubble Bobble games were not meant to be played with just one person. They’re tedious and repetitive and the only real joy one gets from playing them is to see how quickly you can beat the level.


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3 replies on “#103 – Bubble Bobble Part 2”

“Once again, as a solo gamer, I can’t recommend these games. They’re tedious and repetitive…” — Thank you! I have a big problem with any game that people have to defend by saying “oh, but it’s meant for two people.” Baloney.

The startling fact of which you seem unaware is that this is not meant as a two-player game. By which I mean, instead of simultaneous two-player mode, this only has alternating, if you can believe it. The very thought fills me with rage–I would’ve had a blast if I could’ve played it with a friend, but…I couldn’t. Due to sheer idiocy on Taito’s part, is all I can think. Grrr.

@Regular GeoX, you’re right. This was back in the days where I did less research (because I cared less, truthfully, about this quest then I do now). I’ll make sure to update this.

And you’re right, not having 2P simultaneous is dumb. The first game friggin’ had it!

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