#300 – Impossible Mission II

Not the Tom Cruise franchise you’re looking for.
Contrary to the ridiculous box-art, you are not playing through a Japanese monster movie.
That’s one funky office building… of the future!



DEVELOPER: Novotrade

GENRE: Action/adventure


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to navigate a dim-witted gymnast through eight towers of destruction. For whatever reason, a maniacal man named Doctor Atombender (he bends them – who knew?) is determined to kill you and you alone. To do this, he employs robots, surveillance cameras, and an overall inflated sense of self-esteem (his towers aren’t that dangerous). Each room contains items you can search – paintings, safes, chairs – that will give you other items you use – bombs, mines, lights – to progress further up the towers. There is a general map you will be given, but it won’t explain much. This is a non-linear quest, old man, and you should treat it as such! Find what you need in each room and get out of there before time runs out. You have “eight hours” of Atombender time – which in real time, equals around one hour or so – to stop Atombender from… blowing you up? Yeah, sure, whatever.

Should you choose not to accept this game, in truth, you won’t be missing much. Impossible Mission II is too tedious to be of any merit. Every room is the same thing: search for items, either use said items in that room, or move on to the next room. Watch your time. Repeat endlessly. That’s it. If your main character didn’t always move like he was in slow-motion, this game would be a breeze. His unwieldiness is the only reason for the game’s difficulty, but don’t worry, you have unlimited lives. I think dying lowers your time a little bit, so watch out for that. Or don’t. I’d go with the latter.


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