#618 – Super C

                                                                                                                                                                                   I’ll take it.                                                                                                              Those wings must have been a huge undertaking.   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Konami DEVELOPER: Konami GENRE: Action RELEASE DATE: April 1990   1988. Contra – one of the best action games ever made – is released. It turns a generation of children, boys and girls alike, … Continue reading #618 – Super C

#617 – Sunday Funday: The Ride

                 This was originally called Tuesday Poo-sday but the Wisdom Tree marketers wouldn’t stand for it.     Exploding plumbers isn’t something you typically deal with on the way to church, but he had it coming.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Wisdom Tree DEVELOPER: Wisdom Tree GENRE: Action RELEASE DATE: 1995   Sunday Funday takes … Continue reading #617 – Sunday Funday: The Ride

#616 – Stunt Kids

                                                                                                               47 nightmarish levels. Those poor snails.                                       The Stunt Kid would rather take his own life than squelch that of an innocent duck.   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Camerica DEVELOPER: Codemasters GENRE: Racing RELEASE DATE: 1992   Nothing says “why God why” like a horrible unlicensed rip-off of Excitebike. Stunt Kids … Continue reading #616 – Stunt Kids

#615 – Strider

                                                                                                   Hiryu is easily offended by gross mustaches.                                                            He also runs laps up the pyramids every day. “It’s good for my glutes!” he cries.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Capcom DEVELOPER: Capcom GENRE: Action/Adventure RELEASE DATE: July 1989   Strider should be great. Capcom developed it. It stars a sweet ninja with … Continue reading #615 – Strider

#614 – Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

                                                                                  My seven-year-old self knew better: this wasn’t Street Fighter.                                                                                                                                                                                Well, poop.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Capcom DEVELOPER: Capcom GENRE: Action RELEASE DATE: September 1990   Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight has nothing to do with either of those storied Capcom franchises. It could have been called Robo Generica for … Continue reading #614 – Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

#613 – Street Cop

                                                                                             I’ll be takin’ that soul of yours now. Nice and easy.                                                                                                    Copping a feel on an officer is an arrestable offense.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Bandai DEVELOPER: Human Entertainment GENRE: Beat-em-up RELEASE DATE: June 1989   Street…? Cop…? Street Cop. In this Power Pad/controller collaboration (1989 y’all!), you guide a … Continue reading #613 – Street Cop

#612 – Stinger

                                                                                                                                          Stinger engages in fisticuffs.                                                                                                        Yup, that’s a cross. In an American Nintendo game.   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Konami DEVELOPER: Konami GENRE: Shoot-em-up RELEASE DATE: September 1987   Stinger‘s proper Christian name is Moero TwinBee: Cinnamon-hakase wo Sukue! For those of us who don’t speak Japanese, that’s Burn TwinBee: Rescue … Continue reading #612 – Stinger

#611 – Stealth ATF

                                                                                                                                                                                   All the Fight!                                                                                     Is that supposed to be the Middle East or a Nacho Cheese Dorito?   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Activision DEVELOPER: Imagineering GENRE: Flight Sim RELEASE DATE: October 1989   Throw on some Whitesnake and put on your Tom Cruise-approved sunglasses: Stealth ATF puts you in control of … Continue reading #611 – Stealth ATF

#610 – StarTropics

                                                                                                                                                             Such an evocative cover.                                                                                                                                                                      Eyes up top, chief.*   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Nintendo DEVELOPER: Nintendo GENRE: Action/Adventure RELEASE DATE: December 1990   StarTropics starts off as an all-American take on the original Legend of Zelda before blossoming into its own brand of adventure funk. You are Mike Jones, a “teenage … Continue reading #610 – StarTropics

BONUS ROUND! – Devil World

                                                                                            The fate of the world rests on a goofy green dragon.                                                        Shiggy, Shiggy, Shiggy, can’t you see? Sometimes your games just hypnotize me.   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Nintendo DEVELOPER: Nintendo GENRE: Arcade RELEASE DATE: October 1984   Devil World has the fantastic distinction of being the only Shigeru Miyamoto … Continue reading BONUS ROUND! – Devil World

#609 – Starship Hector

                                             Hudson Soft put “HECTOR” in big, bold font so the kids would come runnin’                                                                          On the surface of an alien tongue. Mind the extravagant papillae.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Hudson Soft DEVELOPER: Hudson GENRE: Shoot-em-up RELEASE DATE: June 1990   For a game named after Hudson Soft’s fifty-eight year old … Continue reading #609 – Starship Hector

#608 – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

                                                                                                   Better believe you’re fighting these buggers.                                                                                                                         Hall and Oates, ladies and gentlemen.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: JVC Digital Studios DEVELOPER: Lucasfilm Games GENRE: Action RELEASE DATE: March 1992   If Star Wars for the NES was a Bantha poodoo sandwich, then The Empire Strikes Back is a Wampa fur coat. … Continue reading #608 – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back