#453 – Nintendo World Cup

  This cover is a horrible misrepresentation of a fantastic soccer game. Get early 90s guy off of there! We want Kunio-kun!                                                                                                         Best facial expression of all time? I wouldn’t argue.   PLAYERS: 1-4 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Nintendo DEVELOPER: Technos GENRE: Arcade soccer RELEASE DATE: December 1990   A precursor to Mario Strikers, … Continue reading #453 – Nintendo World Cup

#452 – Nintendo World Championships 1990

                                                  A lesser gray cartridge. It’s worth some bucks, but not as much as…*                                                                                                 You’ll need a down payment on a house to own this.^                                                           In between each game, screens like this inform you of each game’s goal. PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Nintendo DEVELOPER: Nintendo/Square GENRE: Mini-games RELEASE DATE: … Continue reading #452 – Nintendo World Championships 1990

#451 – Ninja Kid

                                             Throwing a shuriken (even a poorly drawn one) at the television is never a good idea, kids.                                                        See those candles? Spark ’em with your flame buddy to ditch this catacomb.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Bandai DEVELOPER: TOSE GENRE: Arcade platformer RELEASE DATE: October 1986   Ninja Kid would be downright … Continue reading #451 – Ninja Kid

#450 – Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

                                                                                                                            Ryu set fire to the rain before it was cool.                                                    Ninja Gaiden III might be (more) difficult, but it’s the best-looking game of the series.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Tecmo DEVELOPER: Tecmo GENRE: Action RELEASE DATE: August 1991   Ninja Gaiden III is the bad boy of the trilogy, complete … Continue reading #450 – Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

#449 – Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

                                                          I still have the original box for this game. Glad I do. The cover art is fantastic.                                                                                             One of my favorite levels. The snow, children! The snow!   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Tecmo DEVELOPER: Tecmo GENRE: Action platformer RELEASE DATE: April 1990   Ninja Gaiden didn’t hold back. From the cut-scenes … Continue reading #449 – Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

#448 – Ninja Gaiden

                                                                                       Ryu leaves New York in flames? Yeah, I could see that.                                                                                             All they want is some kisses. Some flaming sword kisses.*   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Tecmo DEVELOPER: Tecmo GENRE: Action platformer RELEASE DATE: March 1989   Until Ninja Gaiden was released, 8-bit gamers had to get their story fix from … Continue reading #448 – Ninja Gaiden

DECEMBER 2012 – Site updates, ahoy hoy!

  Happy December 1st, all! November came and went with a lot of changes to Questicle.net. First, Questicle.blogspot.com is now Questicle.net! It may seem like a small thing, but I’m thrilled that the site has its own address now, free of any clunky attachments. Second, I have a Twitter. I’m meeting lots of interesting people … Continue reading DECEMBER 2012 – Site updates, ahoy hoy!

#447 – Ninja Crusaders

  Well, I can see why nobody bothered to give this game a test drive, back in the Blockbuster era. Compared to Ryu Hayabusa’s rugged good looks, these ninjas are quite fugly.                                                                                                           Ninjas underwater? Now I’ve seen everything!   PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous PUBLISHER: Sammy Studios DEVELOPER: NMK GENRE: Action RELEASE DATE: December … Continue reading #447 – Ninja Crusaders

#18 – The Adventures of Captain Comic

                              All gamers want a crotch shot of a dope in a spacesuit, right? Ugh, Color Dreams, come on.                                                             You play as a creeper in the local park. Luckily, the wildlife are on to you.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Color Dreams DEVELOPER: Michael Denio GENRE: Action platformer RELEASE DATE: 1989   … Continue reading #18 – The Adventures of Captain Comic

#445 – Nightshade

                                                                                                                                                               CURSE YOU, ANUBIS!     Every character is uniquely designed. It’s a nice break from the never-ending clones that typically populate games.*   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Ultra DEVELOPER: Beam Software GENRE: Point-and-click adventure RELEASE DATE: January 1992   Despite taking its name from a toxic flower, Nightshade truly is a breath of fresh … Continue reading #445 – Nightshade

#444 – Nightmare on Elm Street

                                 Four score and seven meltings ago, Freddy was just a humble school janitor, living the dream.                                                                                                                           Snakes are no match for your red jumpsuit. HIKEEBA!   PLAYERS: 1-4 simultaneous PUBLISHER: LJN DEVELOPER: Rare GENRE: Action/adventure RELEASE DATE: October 1990   I’ve given decent scores … Continue reading #444 – Nightmare on Elm Street