UPDATE: 09/04/15


Hey, forgive me! It’s been a crazy couple months. I have some exciting news I ‘d like to share!… but I can’t because it’s too soon. Know this: by November, you will be able to see what the NES Compendium – a complete review guide for all 754 North American NES games – looks like. The goal remains to get this book out by December 2015/early 2016 at the latest. Wish us godspeed.

Within the next month, we will have a mailing list available exclusively at the website for those of you who would like to pre-order The NES Compendium. This list will help us gauge people’s interest in the project and provide you a quick and painless way to make sure you get a copy!

Also the revised reviews are coming along nicely. The early ones in particular – letters A-D – are almost completely rewritten. Hooray new content!

Thanks for continuing to read Questicle. You all are the best!


UPDATE: 07/05/15


 The NES Compendium is coming soon!


  • Currently revising and, in some cases, rewriting all 754 reviews.
  • Building a press kit to send out to websites.
  • In talks with layout artists to help construct the book’s look and feel.
  • Pre-orders coming soon. Stay tuned to Questicle for more details.
  • If all goes well, tentative release date will be Winter 2015/Spring 2016. The goal is, of course, to make the NES 30th anniversary, but the book needs to be pure quality more than it needs to make a release date.
  • Announcements will be coming at a much faster rate from here on out. Expect at least 1-2 announcements per month here on Questicle.
  • Thanks for your continued interest. Stay tuned for more hot updates.



Welcome to Questicle, where reviews for every North American NES game can be found, read, and appreciated/criticized!

If you’re a long-time reader of the site, you’ll notice that we’ve made some changes. The biggest change – the change that encompasses all the other changes – has been moving the entire site over from Blogger to WordPress. Sounds simple enough, but due to Blogger’s fragile nature and my own bit o’ HTML tinkering in the site’s previous incarnation, the process to WordPress publication has been long and headache-inducing. Thankfully, after many weeks of bringing order to chaos, Questicle 2.0 is finally live. Huzzah!



– This page you’re reading right now is the Home Page. I’ve never had a Home Page for Questicle before, so welcome! It might disappear in the future, but for now, it’s here, it’s new, it’s fabulous.

– The List of NES Games remains all-encompassing and has been updated to include purty NES covers.  And you can search by letter now, which is something I’ve wanted to include for a long time.

– Hey, that banner is pretty slick. Hooray for 8-bit themed banners!

– Thanks to the magic of WordPress, a streamlined look. Less clutter, more content.


There are still kinks to work out, as there always seem to be with large site updates. We will tackle the kinks best we can as we see them, but if you see anything on the site that looks awry, feel free to leave a helpful comment below.

Thanks for your patience as Questicle blazes forth into 2015 and beyond. We have a lot of great things planned for this year, particularly in regards to the forthcoming NES book, so be sure to check back regularly for updates!

Y’all the best and you know it.

– DC



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  • http://www.luchacomics.com/ Rodolfo Martinez

    So excited for the new Questicle!

  • Chris Alkire

    ugh, the list was so much easier to navigate. This is not cool man.

    • http://www.segadoes.com/ Dylan C

      I know and I apologize. Lord willing, we’ll get this fixed in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience!

      • Chris Alkire

        Good, I’m glad you are working on it. I was halfway finished reading through it! Thanks.

        • http://www.luchacomics.com/ Rodolfo Martinez

          @chris_alkire:disqus – I’ll be working with Dylan to create the best possible experience. We are working on the list :-)

          • Chris Alkire

            Very cool. Thanks for your hard work, it is very appreciated!

  • Dr. Merio

    Hey there, good to see the new site! I agree that the list of games isn’t as easily navigable as it was before. How about sorting games by title?

    • http://www.segadoes.com/ Dylan C


      Yes, A-Z by title is the plan.