What Were the Best Selling NES Games?


Hey everyone, Dylan here with a brief update.


While the NES Compendium is being sorted out, I thought I’d keep Questicle.net going with some guest posts from retro gamers I trust and respect.


First up, we have Tom Badguy from VTW Productions. Tom and I have been Internet buds for a couple years now. I admire his directness, his enthusiasm, and his professionalism in his videos and podcasts.


His video is about the best-selling NES games not named Super Mario Bros. It’s insightful and you all should watch it at least a dozen times.



For more of Tom’s work, check out www.vtwproductions.com and listen to the podcast Tales of Relevant Thought. Your mind will thank you.


More NES Compendium updates coming soon. In the meantime, follow my journey into the world of Sega at SegaDoes.


Thanks, as always, for reading and being awesome,



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