The Quest to Review Every NES Game has been Completed


To those who have stumbled onto this antiquated blog – strangers in a strange land – welcome. Let me tell you what is all about.


For about 3 1/2 years – July 2010 to March 2014, give or take a couple months off – I, Dylan Cornelius, reviewed every North American NES game in alphabetical order. In my List of NES Games, you will find reviews for all 754 NES games – from 10 Yard Fight to Mega Man 2 to Zombie Nation. You will not find (many) reviews of European or Japanese games, though there are a few scattered about.


My NES reviews are not your typical “graphics, sound, controls, gameplay” focus, though I do talk about those features at times. Rather, they are abrupt, strange, nonsensical. I took a different approach to game reviews because I found the standard way conventional and boring.


These reviews are very personal, sometimes visceral, responses to old Nintendo games. They are not for everyone. If you just want to know if a game is good or bad, you should probably use GameFAQS or some other random reviews site. If you want to explore the curious thoughts of a lifelong gamer who grew up with the NES, but never explored the system’s depths, Questicle might be for you.


My new vainglorious gaming quest involves tackling all of Sega’s console libraries, beginning with the SG-1000 and ending with the Dreamcast at Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you there.


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