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The 86 Worst NES Games: #s 50-26

  PART 1 IS THE SIPPY CUP   PART 2 IS THE ADULT GLASS                                                                    #50 – MENACE BEACH/SUNDAY FUNDAY: THE RIDE     Menace Beach was released three times throughout the NES’ lifespan: once in a multi-cart, once by itself, and once as a re-skin called Sunday Funday. Color Dreams/Wisdom Tree must have … Continue reading The 86 Worst NES Games: #s 50-26

The 86 Worst NES Games: #s 73-51

  IF YOU CARE ABOUT ORDER, YOU’LL READ PART 1 FIRST!                                                                                                            #73 – PLATOON     I imagine navigating through swaths of Vietnam jungle would be confusing, particularly if you’re a terrified American boy who’s in over his head. Platoon replicates the roaming-through-Vietnam experience almost too well. It’s incredibly easy to get lost, … Continue reading The 86 Worst NES Games: #s 73-51

#699 – The Untouchables

                                                                                                                              The gang is looking a little, er… stiff.                                                                                                                                                              Stone: “So this is my life…”   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Ocean DEVELOPER: Special FX GENRE: Shooter/Action RELEASE DATE: January 1991   The third mission in The Untouchables places you, as Eliot Ness, on the ground in the middle of a gun fight. … Continue reading #699 – The Untouchables