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#660 – Thunderbirds

                                                                                                                                                               Take that, day time!                                                                            Thunderbird 3, hoping to make it out of Varicose Vein Valley alive.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Activision DEVELOPER: Pack-in Video GENRE: Shoot-em-up RELEASE DATE: September 1990   Creepy British puppets from the 60s have no place in video games, and yet, in the 80s and early … Continue reading #660 – Thunderbirds

#488 – Prince of Persia

                                                                                                                                                                                  Not my prince…                                                 This screenshot proudly brought to you by! I have ten more just like ’em.   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Virgin Interactive DEVELOPER: MotiveTime GENRE: Adventure RELEASE DATE: November 1992   Prince of Persia may have been a quality Apple II game – “groundbreaking,” “innovative,” and other high-falutin’ … Continue reading #488 – Prince of Persia

#106 – Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle

                                                     You see how the Seal of Quality is tilted, like it’s trying to run away? It’s a sign.                                                                                                                                         Is Sylvester sick? Why is he green?   PLAYERS: 1 PUBLISHER: Kemco DEVELOPER: Kotobuki Systems GENRE: Arcade RELEASE DATE: August 1989    Just so you know, when you turn on the game, … Continue reading #106 – Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle