BIG Questicle Update

Hello friends! To those of you STILL looking up NES reviews in 2021, I salute you!

Big news update here, so buckle up.

Starting in October 2021, Questicle and the bulk of its content will transition over to Retro Gaming Archive.


What does this mean?

Eventually, all 740+ reviews – revised and remastered – along with the “Best/Worst 86 Games ” List will be available for your reading pleasure on Retro Gaming Archive under the heading “Nintendo is Great.”

All Questicle links for reviews, images, etc. will eventually re-direct to Retro Gaming Archive.

Once the consolidation is complete, Questicle the site will cease to exist.


Why shut Questicle down?

It’s time. The Quest to Review Every NES Game has been completed going on eight years now.  Since the content people enjoy will still be available to read at the Archive, there’s no reason for Questicle to exist.

Going forward, Retro Gaming Archive is the hub for all Nintendo-related content written and published by Dylan Cornelius. If you like the Questicle style, you’ll like what’s there.


Future updates will come as this process moves forward. In the meantime, please enjoy more old NES reviews on Questicle, or head over to the Retro Gaming Archive and snoop around. The site is a bit of a mess at the moment, but we are working on it daily.

Thanks, and talk to y’all soon


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