These are links to some like-minded associates, well-wishers, and just all around cool websites. All of the sites are gaming related, unless mentioned otherwise.

Chalgyr’s Game Room: Chalgyr is a gamer extraordinaire. His site covers just about every console, from the classic to the contemporary. No game is safe from his mighty grasp!

NESquester: Now defunct NES review site of Mike Wright. His breakdowns of games are crude and hilarious, and his presence will be missed.

Downwards Compatible: Lee Evans tackles NES games with depth, style, and personality. Well worth your time.

Mission: SNES: Mr. Matthew Conway is destroying/reviewing the SNES library, one game at a time. There is little organizational order to his madness, but his writing is second to none. CLICK! READ!

Genesis Ages: Richard Cox is taking on the entire Genesis library in chronological order. A man after my own heart.

Classic Games Blog: If you appreciate retro gaming at all, this blog has what you need. Everything from reviews to videos to instructions on how to fix the old systems. This blog keeps classic gaming alive.

Retro Revelations: Jesse Moak doles out the memories of yesteryear in generous portions. He dishes on topics as varied as The Super Mario Bros Super Show to icons of horror cinema. A unique site.

One Thought at a Time: My good friend Josh Ingram explores Christianity, both from his own experience and from a Biblical perspective. For believers and non-believers alike.

Nintendo Legend: Eric Bailey is the Nintendo Legend. He’s also reviewing every game in the NES library. As expected, we are rivals, but we’re also friends. Fancy that!

SNES Hub: SNES reviews and articles are in abundant supply here. Their goal is to have an in-depth review of every SNES game ever made.

Death By Troggles: Excellent mini-review site. Featured: top 100 NES games, every Star Trek: The Next Generation episode reviewed, and more.

Retro Gaming Life: An in-depth retro gaming site that covers every topic imaginable.

Nintendo Complete: In-the-works ultimate guidebook to the NES, with reviews, screenshot playthroughs, and more.

Unopened: This site has links to hundreds of SEALED old games for all your favorite retro systems. Check ’em out.

Short & Sweet Reviews: All the latest gaming news and reviews, delivered as succinctly as possible.

Brainer Drainer:  The personal blog of David, a self-described “retro video game and pinball fanatic.”

Just Games Retro: In-depth reviews of classic PC and console games. They’ve been around for at least a decade or more. Longevity props.

Telebunny: the personal blog of Jeremy Parish, former 1UP Editor-in-Chief and current USGamer editor. Mostly game coverage, but also toys, Star Trek marathons, cooking, and fashion.