The Return of Questicle: Famicom Reviews, Socks, and the NES Compendium


It’s been about two and a half years since I’ve posted consistently on Questicle. In that time, I’ve written a couple hundred SG-1000, Master System, and Genesis reviews over on Sega Does. moved from the outdated hosting husk known as Blogger over to WordPress, and received a sharp visual overhaul in the process. I revised/rewrote almost all of my NES reviews for my book, The NES Compendium. And, earlier this year, I helmed a failed Kickstarter for said compendium.

I’ve been busy, to be sure, but as a result, Questicle has languished. So! Starting soon, I’ll be writing reviews for every Famicom game ever released, starting with Donkey Kong.

I’m proceeding in chronological order. They will be casual one-paragraph, capsule-style, similar to my NES reviews. If a game is influential or has some notoriety – Mother, Sweet Home, etc – I will write a lengthier review.

I don’t have a name for this quest yet. Famicomplete, FamiQuest, and Famicom World have been taken. Can anyone think of any good titles? Hit me up in the comments.



(cheers to RingoStarr39 for the logo)
But wait, there’s more!

A couple weeks ago, a company named Bakdrop approached me via e-mail and asked if I wanted to partner with them in making “Dylan Cornelius” socks.

I thought this was a weird hoax at first, but after doing some research and talking with people who had worked with the company, I saw they were legit. They really did want to make Dylan Cornelius socks.

So, what would you do if you got the opportunity to make socks based on your online persona?

I’ll tell you what I did:

1) Had a hearty lol

2) Totally went for it.


Interested in some of your very own Dylan Cornelius-brand socks?

Check out the link:




Lastly, The NES Compendium is still in the works. I’m lacking funds at the moment, but once I have some extra money, I’ll be hiring a graphic designer to make the book look incredible. I’m also going to be adding some behind-the-scenes content; the making of the Quest, if you will. More info on that in the months ahead.


Until tomorrow!


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