FamiQuest: Let’s Learn Together


thanks to Famicom Blog (by way of Hardcore Gaming 101) for this stellar picture of Famicom carts.


Ok, so I got a little excited about the idea of doing Famicom reviews so soon. Sorry about that. Making insane promises and not delivering is a nasty habit of mine.

Here’s what’s real. The name of the Famicom quest is no longer FamCom 1983 – and thank God ’cause that’s an awful name. The name is… FamiQuest!

Even more startling, the Quest will not be composed of written reviews. These will be… *hushed whisper* videos.



I’m sure I’ll fit right in.


Videos are my own personal final frontier. I’ve held off on making them for so long,  but in 2016, it just doesn’t make sense to ignore them when it comes to promoting one’s work within the community. Lots of gamers watch hours of video, but few under the age of 30 seem to read much gaming content anymore.

But what kind of videos, you ask? Well, hmm. At first, I plan to talk over some gameplay footage – about the game itself, my life, the unbearable lightness of being, etc – for a few minutes or more, depending on how “deep” the game is.



The Famicom port of My Dinner With Andre was a decadent feast of the mind.


Like early Questicle reviews, these videos will certainly get better and more well-produced with time. I’m a video making novice and lack proper equipment beyond Fraps, Audacity, and Windows Movie Maker. Hold onto your Sam Jackson-approved butts: this will be a real D.I.Y. indie affair.

Excited? Terrified? Disgusted? Hey, me too. Let’s all throw up together on this roller coaster known as “experimentation.”


See ya next week!




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  • Matt Shonka

    I’m beyond excited here.

  • observe orient decide act

    As noted on Hardcore Gaming 101, the “Famicom Fort” picture was originally found here:
    (And incidentally, that blog’s fascinating.)

    • Fixed. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

  • Qat Qatter

    I’m 21 if it’s any consolation. I’ve loved reading your stuff for a while now (even when I don’t agree with your scores). Love the name change, but time will tell if the video format works out alright 😉

  • ShyamalanisEdWood

    We need these reminders of classic games because making new games will definitely be illegalized soon, with harsh punishment.

  • ShyamalanisEdWood

    Also exporting any products from countries like Japan, which makes almost all the good games.

  • Nintendo until COD Hell

    When are you going to review the Japnese-only games? This is my favorite retro system, my favorite modern one being either the PS2 or the Wiiu depending on how you classify the PS2. I can assure you that there are some classics among the Japanese-only NES and FDS games, like Layla, Ai Senshi Nichol, Otocky, Murasame no Nazo Jo, New Ghostbusters 2, Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti, Twinbee 1 and 3, Parodius Da, Kid Dracula.

    • I’d still like to do this, but unfortunately, the project is on hold for the moment.

  • Ricky J Hamilton

    I prefer listening to podcasts over watching video, kind of disappointed that I just now found out that you co-hosted a podcast(that I can’t seem to find anymore).
    Guess I should try have stopped coming after you finished up the quest.