The NES Compendium is now on Kickstarter!


Today – finally – my book, The NES Compendium, is available to back via Kickstarter.


Check it out here.

This book is not just the blog regurgitated onto paper. All 754 reviews currently on have been edited, revised, and in some cases, completely rewritten. Additional screenshots and box art will be included. Jeremy Parish – current editor-in-chief of and all-around champion of retro games – is writing the foreword.

Some of you might be asking, why a Kickstarter? Why not just put the book out on Amazon? A couple reasons: 1) a Kickstarter has the potential to draw more attention to the book. If I put it out on Amazon, a handful of people might buy it, but it loses any chance it has of reaching people outside the blog or my social media accounts. 2) I’d like to know if people are interested. It’s been almost two years since I finished my quest and had cries from people telling me to make a book. I firmly believe that there is a market for these niche gaming books – a market that is largely going unserved. This Kickstarter is a way of testing that notion.

If you could help donate or spread the word, I’d be greatly appreciative. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with updates as the Kickstarter continues!


– DC

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  • Beau

    Is there a link I’m missing?

    • Sorry, for whatever reason, the link only provided the video, not a way to get to the Kickstarter. Fixed.