The NES Compendium is Nearly Here


Hey, remember that book I promised about two years ago? The one that would feature all my NES reviews, edited and revised?

It’s finally, FINALLY, almost here. Within the next week, I will be unveiling The NES Compendium in full.

Would you like to see the cover? Here you goooooooo!



Two years ago, after I finished my quest to review every NES game, I asked many of my longtime readers what they might want to see in the book. I’m sorry to say that the majority of the suggestions did not make it in, due to budgetary considerations. Even with just the reviews, the book is going to be a massive 400+ page behemoth. Anything other than the reviews would not only weigh the book down further, but also cause considerable wallet strain.

Let me know what you think of the cover in the comments. Thanks for your patience and support. The time is nigh!

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  • Troy Barton

    Is there going to be a digital version of the book?

    • Yes! Thank you for asking, as I forgot to put that in the writeup. There will indeed be a digital version.

  • LysolPionex

    Totally gonna show this to TMR if he hasn’t seen it yet.