Updates for The NES Compendium


UPDATE: 09/14/2015


The goal remains: get the NES Compendium out by the end of 2015/early 2016.

By 11/2015, you will (hopefully) see what the book looks like, inside and out.

The NES’ 30th anniversary is 10/18/85 and I’d like to commemorate the day, particularly as I missed Mario’s 30th anniversary. Thinking about a blowout for the site. Ideas?


UPDATE: 07/2015


The NES Compendium is coming soon!

  • Currently revising and, in some cases, rewriting all 754 of the reviews
  • Building a press kit to send out to websites
  • In talks with layout artists to help construct the book’s look and feel
  • Pre-orders coming soon. Stay tuned to Questicle for more details.
  • If all goes well, tentative release date will be Winter 2015/Spring 2016. The goal is, of course, to make the NES 30th anniversary, but the book needs to be pure quality more than it needs to make a release date.
  • Announcements will be coming at a much faster rate from here on out. Expect at least 1-2 announcements per month here on Questicle.
  • Thanks for your continued interest. Stay tuned for more hot updates.


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